Would you like your wellbeing interventions to have the greatest impact? Do you need support to build a workplace wellbeing strategy?

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We can help you to design, implement and evaluate wellbeing strategies to support your people and create a thriving workforce. 

Why is workplace wellbeing important?

Organisations with a demonstrated commitment to the wellbeing of their workforce are more likely to attract and retain great employees. Thriving organisations support, develop and engage their workforce with the aim of building happier, more resilient, and mentally healthier people.

How can we help?

We explore the issues that are unique to your organisation, and then help you design a wellbeing strategy that is tailored to your workforce.

We aim to provide your people with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage your wellbeing programme in a way that best suits your organisation.

Supporting your people

Our approach works in collaboration with you and your leaders to help embed sustainable wellbeing solutions that support your people to be happier, build resilience and effectively manage stress.

We want your people to have the skills and confidence to manage their own wellbeing while supporting their colleagues to do the same.

How we work

Start with information

Our starting point is to understand what is happening in your organisation. What does your HR information tell you? What are your people saying? We'll analyse your data, or collect our own, to get to the heart of your wellbeing approach.

Explore solutions

Once we have reviewed the data, we will help you design wellbeing interventions that meet the needs of your workforce. We'll work with you to identify solutions to target particular issues across teams, groups or the whole organisation.

Align to business strategy

Wellbeing should be viewed alongside your wider business strategies. We'll help you review your organisational policies, strategies and plans through a wellbeing lens and identify ways they can be aligned.

Develop the strategy

We explore what outcomes you want from your wellbeing programme? What does your workforce need? What results do your leaders want to achieve? We help you articulate the aims and objectives of your wellbeing programme.

Measure the impact

To understand what works in your organisation, and why, you also need to monitor and evaluate the impact. We'll help you to collect the information you need to make informed decisions about how your investment in the wellbeing of your workforce is working.

Embed a wellbeing culture

To truly embed a wellbeing strategy, your culture and business practices need to support the right behaviours. We can design and deliver training and education to leaders and teams to support your wellbeing programme.

Workplace wellbeing made easy

Our systematic approach will have your wellbeing programme up and running in no time!

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