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Thriving organisations

support, develop and engage their workforce with the aim of building happier, resilient and healthier people

For an organisation to thrive, there needs to be a culture that supports, develops and engages employees with the aim of building happier, productive and more resilient workers. Workplace wellbeing goes beyond looking after the welfare of employees through initiatives such as employee assistance programmes, health and safety, corporate wellness or flexible working arrangements. An integrated workplace wellbeing strategy incorporates these elements as well as identifying the actions required to build the wellbeing of individuals, teams and the wider organisation.

Your wellbeing strategy needs to be underpinned by supportive HR policies, recruitment and onboarding practices designed from a wellbeing perspective, and leadership and performance frameworks that reward the right behaviours. Org Well can help you develop the policies and practices that enhance your wellbeing strategies and programmes.

Integrating wellbeing

by understanding the issues unique to your workforce, designing a wellbeing strategy that supports your people and measuring its impact

Understanding the unique needs of your people underpins every workplace wellbeing programme we develop. By  collecting and analysing data and evaluating your existing workforce metrics, we can determine the most effective way to integrate wellbeing into your wider business strategy.

The next step is to review what you are already doing and align it to your wellbeing strategy. Then, using the data we have analysed, we can identify other ways to embed wellbeing into your organisation. With extensive  experience in HR, organisational development, strategy, education and training, we can design the most effective wellbeing programmes for your workforce, help you to create HR policies that support a healthy workplace, and identify recruitment, induction, workforce planning, culture and talent strategies to integrate wellbeing into your organisation.

Supporting people

to be happier, manage stress and build resilience

Creating a thriving workplace produces considerable benefits for organisations and employees, including:

  • Reducing stress
  • Enabling people to cope better with day to day pressures and change
  • Better customer experience
  • Minimising work-related mental health issues
  • Increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover
  • Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Enabling employees to utilise their strengths and develop their careers
  • Improving leadership effectiveness

Wellbeing Strategy

Creation of a wellbeing framework that links your business strategy to your wellbeing programme

Advice & Support

Designing policies and practices that embed wellbeing across your organisation

Measurement & Evaluation

Using data to drive your decision making & get value for money for your wellbeing investment

Training & Education

Delivering training to support your workplace wellbeing programmes

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